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Childhood and the Important Questions

One of the first books that I read in French was Le Petite Prince. It was a bit of a step-up from the Monsieur Madame (Mr Men) books that I had been reading. It was frustratingly slow to read as I was expanding (and constantly looking up) my French vocabulary. However, it’s such a great book, and… Continue reading Childhood and the Important Questions

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How my First Nikon Camera Died (A Tribute)

Last week I walked into a camera shop to purchase a brand new full-frame camera. I had been tossing up whether to purchase a new camera for about three weeks, but I just couldn’t quite justify sinking quite a bit of money on a new camera body. My old camera worked fine. Until last week when it… Continue reading How my First Nikon Camera Died (A Tribute)


Outdoor Portrait Photography: Backlighting

Since getting my DSLR camera I’ve been a keen photographer. I spent most of my twenties planning my next trip in between studying and working, and most of my early “work” was focused on street photography. I loved my tripod, night scenes, long shutter speeds and the movement it created. I also loved editing my photos and… Continue reading Outdoor Portrait Photography: Backlighting


The First 12 Months of Motherhood: Expectation vs. Reality

I’ve recently celebrated my son’s first birthday. It’s not something that he’s going to remember, so it was a good excuse to meet up with a few friends from mothers group to celebrate that we have made it through a year of parenthood. Babies alive and relationships intact! It also made me stop and reflect… Continue reading The First 12 Months of Motherhood: Expectation vs. Reality

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Zurich, Switzerland: First Impressions #02

On our first full day in Zurich (which started at 2am: hello jetlag) we headed to Zurich old town bright and early (around 7am, but felt like midday 😉 ) for some breakfast. We arrived not speaking a word of German (let alone Swiss German) but stopped at a cute café that had received great… Continue reading Zurich, Switzerland: First Impressions #02

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Zurich, Switzerland: First Impressions #01

We arrived in Zurich, Switzerland a week and a half ago today. It’s gone incredibly quickly, and I feel like I have just started to get into a groove of life here. Just in time to pack up and travel to the next destination: Belgium (via the Champagne region in France for the weekend to check… Continue reading Zurich, Switzerland: First Impressions #01